Urban Elf and the Search for a Decent Beach

7 Jun

I’ve been yearning for a stroll in the sun, to listen to screaming seagulls, dig my toes into some pretty white sand. Considering some of the truly beautiful sims in Second Life, I thought it would be a snap to find that perfect spot to soak up some rays and chill out on a Sunday afternoon.

Today, apparently, was not a “snap-worthy” kind of day.

I did find something vastly more entertaining and, in the end, relaxing than hanging out at the beach. Where did I go? I went to Cadenza, a sim that…well….hmmm, it’s a bit difficult to put into words. Let me show you instead.

The first thing I saw when I TP’d into Cadenza was a light show swirling about a large tree.

The distance wasn’t too great so I walked through the water and slipped through the light show into the entrance. To my delight, I found that the tree had a large hollow in which a lovely white piano, lit by lanterns and dancing lights, beckoned to be played.

After I tickled the ivory for a while, it was time to explore the rest of the island. But since I was so tired from my musical exertions, I decided to take a rest on one of the tree islands that dot the sim. A word of warning: watch out for the bunnies.

It was a lovely spot for a daydream and I nearly didn’t leave but there was something else that caught my attention. I went to investigate but once I got there I had to shut my eyes…

…because I found the height a bit dizzying. It was a looong drop from that pipe to the water below. Trust me.

But it gave me the opportunity to take in one last view of the sim before heading home to write about my adventure at Cadenza.

What I’m wearing:

Skin: Gala Phoenix Moonbeam [dark] Elf 2 – Pure 4
Hair: Truth Grace – Snow
Ears: Plastik Animalistic Elven Ear – Mana
Eyes: Negaposi Fairy Eyes – Ash

Dress: Surf Couture Sway Sundress Skirt – Sweet Pea
Accessories: Surf Couture Brass Rings Leather Belt – brown
Necklace: Zaara Parnini Necklace – clear
Bracelets: Zaara Pallav Clear Bracelets
Shoes: Aoharu Ethnic Bijour Sandals – opal

Pose: LAP Red Carpet Diva (for standing poses)


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