Urban Elf in a Cottage

21 Nov

I think I’m in love. Awesome Blossom has the best furniture and props but even better is the Amelie Cottage. The small two room cottage is well proportioned and the side porches make it seem bigger (see the stats below). It’s a cozy space for those who need to extend their interior living out.

The textures are quite lovely and rustic. I did find the exterior brick texture to have a seam but I had to really look for it. To the casual observer, it isn’t noticeable. None of the internal textures have seams.

My favorite part of the cottage is the the bookcase ladder with several poses.

At 500 Lindens, this cottage is well worth the price! Teleport to the Awesome Blossom store to check out this sweet cottage.


The Amelie Cottage by Awesome Blossom

152 prims
26×16 footprint
Fits 640sqm lots and up

Bay window w/ window seat
Sculpted windows, doors, porch railing, radiators
Built in bookcases
Double covered porches


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