Urban Elf in the Hot Seat

8 Dec

Can I say how much I love hunts? I do, I really do. And now that it is Advent, there are many gifts to be had from some really fabulous designers participating in hunts around the grid. The dress (.:HN:.) and boots (Sassy Kitty) in the pic are from the With Love From hunt. The Noel Armchair by {What Next} is from The Snowflake Experience (comes with a book and cup of cocoa too!). There is a ton of goodies from both hunts/events and I suggest you check them out.

Style Card (below the fold)

The background is by MadameM on DeviantArt.com. Check out her stuff here: madamem-stock.deviantart.com/


Skin: Rozena Skin ~Holly pale~ princess (from gatcha in store)

Eyes: LAQ (Dazzling Gray eyes)

Hair: Matreiya (from hair fair)


Dress with belt: .:HN:.

Boots: Sassy Kitty (part of the Norwegian Play outfit in gray)


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