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Urban Elf Takes a Wrong Turn at Alburquerque

29 Mar

Just a word to the wise: when asking the travel agent for blue skies and sand, make sure you specify you want Cancun and not Alburquerque. Just sayin’.

Ava in the Desert


Urban Elf is the Silver Lining

3 Jan

It’s a new year (as if you hadn’t noticed) and a chance to reflect on the last year while planning for the this one. This past year I started the Urban Elf blog to record my¬†adventures¬†in Second Life. I haven’t been very consistent, though, but that is going to be one of my goals this year. I doubt I’ll be able to post every day but I bet I can do it every week, particularly if I’m participating in the 52 Week Color Challenge. I also want to explore more of the world and document my exploits. This leads into my final goal of becoming a better photographer, and, hopefully, a better artist. I think these are all pretty doable, don’t you?

And, without further ado, the silver lining of the post….

It’s Week 9 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge and I got gussied up for the occasion (it being the New Year and all)!


And the obligatory nude photo can be found in my Flickr stream (this is a family-friendly blog after all!)

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Urban Elf in the Green

1 Jan

I nearly missed the very last week in the 52 week of Color challenge hosted by the fabulous Luna Jubilee! Green is not really my color. I’m more of a pink/black/red kinda elf but there aren’t any rules that the surroundings can’t be the color of the week ;O)

Therefore, I searched out a great (and very green) sim and landed on Empress & Heirophant sim (the slurl in the viewer also called it Inis Caiseal). The detail and downright beauty of this sim is worth the effort to visit it. There was very little lag and the worth driving your graphics up to the max to get the full effect. Even at mid-level graphics it’s still impressive. And the sheep were a nice touch (particularly the singing ones!).

Happy New Year!

~ Ava

Ava at Inis Caiseal (Empress & Hierophant)

Ava in the Green - Week 8 Green

Ava in the Green (closeup) - Week 8 Green

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