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Urban Elf is the Silver Lining

3 Jan

It’s a new year (as if you hadn’t noticed) and a chance to reflect on the last year while planning for the this one. This past year I started the Urban Elf blog to record my¬†adventures¬†in Second Life. I haven’t been very consistent, though, but that is going to be one of my goals this year. I doubt I’ll be able to post every day but I bet I can do it every week, particularly if I’m participating in the 52 Week Color Challenge. I also want to explore more of the world and document my exploits. This leads into my final goal of becoming a better photographer, and, hopefully, a better artist. I think these are all pretty doable, don’t you?

And, without further ado, the silver lining of the post….

It’s Week 9 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge and I got gussied up for the occasion (it being the New Year and all)!


And the obligatory nude photo can be found in my Flickr stream (this is a family-friendly blog after all!)

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